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– Reinforced foil, scrim/kraft sealing tape
– Insulation; used for sealing seams and repairing cuts on duct wraps and insulation vapor barriers
– Tear and mold resistant
– Sealing fiberglass blanket and duct board FSK faced systems
– Maximum strength, all weather adhesive


– Matte finish coated cloth with synthetic rubber adhesive
– Strong, tough cotton cloth pressure sensitive adhesive
– Clean removal
– Clean, crisp and straight tear
– Abrasion and moisture resistant
– Great for application in stage work and the production industry
– Available in black, grey and white


– Photoluminescent film coated pressure sensitive adhesive
– Backed with a paper lining for easy application
– Pigments absorb and store energy from normal ambient light

Greenhouse Patch

– Transparent polyethylene patch, seal and repair tape
– Strong and conformable with good holding power
– Provides a good moisture barrier
– UV stabilized with high tack adhesive
– Resistant to weathering, moisture, acids, chemicals and abrasion
– Ideal for splicing greenhouse polyethylene film


– Water activated carton sealing tape
– Brown paper backed adhesive
– Tamper evident seal
– Strong and temperature resistant
– Available in reinforced gummed tape with nylon filaments for extra strength


– High temperature polymide film tape with silicone adhesive
– Remains stable in wide range of temperatures
– Thermal and electrical insulation

Label Protection

– 4” transparent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
– Secures and protects shipping labels and packing slips

Lane Marking

– Colored vinyl tape
– Impact resistance, vapor/moisture barrier, weather-ability
– Write-on capability
– Adheres to itself
– Available in multiple colors


– Thin, easy to tear, crepe paper backing
– Conforms and adheres well to variety of substrates
– Good quick stick and holding power on cardboard
– Economical
– Good for general purpose packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, masking and labeling

Pipe Wrap Tape
  • General utility use for a variety of surfaces
  • UV and weather resistant backing forms a moisture and air barrier
  • Ideal for all applications where cold-resistance materials are required
  • Corrosion prevention, protection, and insulation

– Aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive with polyethylene backing
– Conformable, abrasion and chemical resistant
– Excellent wear and tear; UV and solvent resistant
– Excellent moister barrier and provides permanent seal indoors and outdoors
– Used in many splicing poly sheeting, sealing, holding, and repair applications


– For promoting a message, handling info, labels
– Printed logos


These pressure sensitive tapes use a Skived and Tensilized PTFE coated with a “high temperature” silicone adhesive.

– Good insulation and heat resistance
– High strength and dielectric
– Non stick surface
– Ideal for coil wraps, transformers and harness wrap


– Vinyl tape over laminated with a retro reflective film
– Acrylic based adhesive
– Adheres to variety of surfaces in outdoor applications
– Used for illuminating or highlighting a range of items

Silage Repair

– Aggressive adhesive coated on a soft versatile vinyl
– Designed to repair tears and punctures on silage bags, sheets and film
– Aggressive adhesive provides instant repair
– Superior quality with a good resistance to aging, sun, water and corrosive chemicals
– Strong and conformable
– provides good vapor barrier


– Polyethylene film backing single coated with synthetic rubber adhesive
– Surface protection and moisture resistant
– Excellent adhesion and shear strength
– UV and solvent resistant
– Conformable while maintaining a water tight seal in all weather conditions
– Great for construction; general purpose sealing, splicing, seaming, spiral wrapping
– Hard adhesive with no film residue

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