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Die Cut

– Cut to size and shape
– Good for mounting , sealing, gasketing, masking and fastening
– Used for precision and high volume jobs


– High temperature polymide film tape with silicone adhesive
– Remains stable in wide range of temperatures
– Thermal and electrical insulation


– For promoting a message, handling info, labels
– Printed logos


These pressure sensitive tapes use a Skived and Tensilized PTFE coated with a “high temperature” silicone adhesive.

– Good insulation and heat resistance
– High strength and dielectric
– Non stick surface
– Ideal for coil wraps, transformers and harness wrap

Teflon Coated Fiberglass

– High temperature resistant
– Low coefficient of friction and are chemically inert
– Resistant to wear and tear and are used in a variety of manufacturing processes

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