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End Caps

– Premium cap to seal off In-Line wrapped bales
– Superior seal, pin hole free
– Provides excellent barrier properties

Grain Bags

– Tear and puncture resistance
– Cost efficient way to store grain
– High tensile strength
– UV protected and weather ability

Oxygen Barrier Film

– Clear plastic barrier film
– Vapor resistant
– Increased oxygen barrier improves visible condition of silage and retains higher nutritional value of feed
– Less crop waste from the increased protection
– Film lays directly above packed silage, previous to silage sheet or bunker cover

Silage Bags

– Superior puncture and tear resistance
– High strength at the folds
– Lowest per ton storage

Silage Sheets / Bunker Covers

– Premium high strength film
– Superior puncture and tear resistance
– Black/White U.V. stabilized film
– One piece cover – no splicing required

Silage Wrap

– Superior puncture and tear resistance
– Excellent cling for air tight bales
– Extra strength and consistent performance
– Ideal for all climates
-Unique 5 layer Film available

Stretch Tubes

– Premium stretch tube with memory
– For use in square or round bale silage
– Superior puncture and tear resistance

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