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Binder Twine

– Versatile strong sisal twine
– Uniform and consistent
– Resistant to insects and rodents
– Available oiled or un-oiled

Conduit Pull Twine

– Continuous monofilament polypropylene fibers
– Light weight, economical, high resistant to chemicals
– Spiral wrapped to prevent fraying

Cotton / Polyester Tying Twine

– High handling quality, all purpose tying twine
– Natural, soft and pliable
– Superior tensile strength; ideal for tying machines
– Available in 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or cotton-poly blend
– Applications such as laundry and linen services, mailers, printers, cable construction and also general butcher needs.
– Available in variety of plies and strengths

Cotton Cable Cord

Tytan Cable Cord is a 3 strand twisted construction (cable lay) made up of a blend of natural cotton and premium polyester yarn. The cabled construction provides a firm construction making it ideal for a variety of applications including fishing, staging, chalk and mason lines. The cotton cable cord comes on 1/2 lb and 1 lb balls, and 2 1/2 or 5 lb cones. The cable cord can also be supplied to meet the Mil Spec TT881.

Flat Rope

– Soft woven tie strap
– Used in landscaping for staking trees
– Stronger and softer than traditional tie down products
– Excellent product for heavy duty baling applications
– Compliments sisal twine in the nursery trade
– Available in white, green, tan, black and camouflage

Available in 5/8″ Diameter; 25# spool
Other sizes and put ups avialable upon request

Jute Twine

– Natural fiber
– Biodegradable and affordable
– Used for bale wrap, carpet, linoleum backing, vegetation and farming applications, textiles, sacking and landscaping
– Variety of plies and put ups available

Lumber Braid

– Very soft flat braided twine
– For tying fragile lumber to avoid scaring delicate bark
– Available in 3/8” x 1200’

P.E. Tying Ribbon

– Premium flat and twisted polyethylene tying ribbon designed for automatic tying machines
– Superior strength and holding power
– Bundles without cutting or damaging the product
– Excellent yield providing most economical method for tying
– Ideal for mailing, printing, laundry and nursery companies
– Available in blue, clear, green, gold, red, tan and yellow

Pea Twine

– Soft and pliable
– Strong holding power and resists stretch
– Ideal for trellising sweet peas, vine fruits and vegetables
– Offered in 4 ply through 12 ply
– 300 BA/CTN

Poly Tying Twine

– Superior strength and uniformity
– Soft on hands and holds knots tight
– Ideal for nursery and industrial bundling

Seine Twine

– Twisted or braided nylon
– Knots will tighten with use
– Outstanding strength and durability
– Does not untwist or kink
– Used for mason line, chalk line, trot line, net repair, trap heads, fishing line, hand crafts
– Available in natural, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink

Sewing Thread

– Polyester, cotton, and poly/cotton blend industrial sewing thread
– High strength and superior finishing
– Ideal for bag closure

Sisal Mini Tubes

– Natural fiber that is biodegradable, environmentally and economically friendly
– Known for strength, durability and stretch-ability
– Holds knots well
– Good for securing light cargo loads

1 ply 300' /tube 60 tubes/case

Sisal Tying Twine

– Natural fiber that is biodegradable, environmentally and economically friendly
– Known for strength, durability and stretch-ability
– Holds knots well
– Good for securing light cargo loads

Tomato Twine

– Polypropylene; soft on hands and easy to use
– Superior Strength and uniformity
– Knots easily and holds tightly
– Resists mold, mildew, moisture and rot
– Ideal for tying a wide variety of crops including tomato plants

2100' 18 3# tubes/bale
2500' 18 3# tubes/bale

Tree Rope

– Spiral wrapped polypropylene
– Extremely strong and flexible
– Resists ultra violet damage
– Does not mold or mildew
– Available in both orange/black and black/black

Available in size:
955' 620# 8/CTN

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