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100% Cotton Weeping Cord

– Solid braid construction
– Excellent absorption
– Superior quality
– Made in USA

Braided Tyline

– Unique braid available in multiple fibers
– Excellent small diameter utility cord
– Natural and Black standard, other colors available
– Ideal for sports nets and trick line

Composite Pull Rope

– Double braid hi-tensile inner core with extra double braid outer jacket for added strength
– Low stretch
– Spliced eyes at both ends
– Rot and mildew resistant

Cotton Awning Cord

– Soft and easy to handle
– Great knot holding ability
– Low stretch
– Strong and versatile

Derby Rope

– Soft, Flexible and Lightweight
– Available in variety of bright colors
– Preferred by the Equestrian market
– Resists rot and mildew

Double Braid Polyester

– Excellent strength and low working elongation
– High heat and abrasion resistant
– Torque free construction
– Ideal Pull and Winch Lines

Flagpole Rope

– Braided nylon with or without wire center
– UV resistant
– Used for commercial flagpoles

Hollow Braid Polypro

– Floats and can be stored wet
– Economical
– Resists mildew, rot and most chemicals
– Splices easily

Sensor Cord Hi-Tensile

– Excellent sensor and string line
– Hi-Tensile low elongation
– Flexible and Durable
– Made in USA

Shock Cord

– Premium elastic cord
– Rubber core covered with a braided fiber cover
– Flexible and Durable
– Made in USA

Solid Braid Cotton Sash Cord

– Heavy duty sash cord
– Solid braid durable construction
– High tenacity synthetic core
– Made in USA

Solid Braid Nylon Rope

– High strength, flexible braided rope
– Excellent abrasion resistance
– Resists UV degradation
– Firm, round durable construction

Venetian Blind Cord

– Braided nylon or cotton with various fiber cores
– Used as pull cord in venetian blinds

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