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Cotton Rope

– Natural fiber, biodegradable eco friendly
– High handling quality
– Soft and pliable

Manila Rope

– World famous premium natural fiber from the Philippines
– Superior Knot-holding ability
– Very low elongation
– Environmental friendly & biodegradable

MTC Poly-Dacron (Combo) Rope

– Polyester cover with co-polymer fiber core
– High strength to weight ratio
– Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
– Smooth balanced construction

Nylon Rope

– Premium 3 Strand flexible rope
– Excellent Strenght, balanced and shock absorbent
– Very good abrasion resistance
– Resistant to rot and mildew

Olympian Safety Line

– Superior Strength to weight ratio
– Durable polyester cover with co-polymer core
– Exceptional abrasion and wear resistance
– Well balanced construction with high UV resistance

Polyester Rope

– High strength with low elongation
– Excellent UV resistance
– Superior heat and abrasion resistance
– Resistant to rot and mildew

Polypropylene Rope

– High strength with light weight construction
– Popular and economical choice
– Good dielectric properties
– Floats, no water absorption

Sisal Rope

– Popular natural fiber economical rope
– Non-slip with low elongation
– Environmentally friendly & biodegradable
– Good knot holding ability


– Polypropylene rope made to look like the natural fiber of manila
– Resistant to rot, abrasion, mildew, water and chemicals
– Durable and long lasting
– Used in applications where manila is the desired look, but has the durability of polypropylene

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