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Sisal Rope

New! Sisal Rope  

Sisal Rope

– Popular natural fiber economical rope
– Non-slip with low elongation
– Environmentally friendly & biodegradable
– Good knot holding ability


Product Description

Grown in Brazil, this stiff natural fiber makes for a strong and durable rope that is popular and economical. Its non slip, great knot holding and low elongation properties are ideal for securing light cargo loads and other tie down applications.

Available Sizes:

3/16″ x 3330′
1/4″ x 2500′
5/16″ x 1725′
3/8″ x 732′
1/2″ x 665′
5/8″ x 600′
3/4″ x 600′
1″ x 370′

Other diameters and put ups available upon request

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