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Natural Rubber Tarp Straps

Natural Rubber Tarp Straps

– Premier Natural Rubber Tarp Strap
– The Gold standard natural rubber strap in the market
– Superior stretch performance supported by 2X better stretch recovery
– Best low temperature performance with flexibility up to -40° F
– Individual barcode and retail ready packing
– Heavy duty steel crimped hooks

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Product Description

Premier Natural Rubber Tytan Tarp Straps are the gold standard natural rubber strap in the market. They offer superior stretch performance supported by 2x better stretch recovery. Natural rubber straps are the best low temperature performance with flexibility up to -40 F. Tytan tarp straps come with individual barcodes and retail ready packing. Each strap comes with a heavy duty steel crimped hook as an added safety feature. They are packed 50 straps per carton, hooks attached, and individually wrapped in bundles of 10 to prevent tangling.

Available Sizes :

50 straps per carton – crimped hooks attached

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