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California Truck Rope

California Truck Rope

– Specific to meet requirements of California Highway Patrol Standards for tie down hauling use
– 3 strand twisted polypropylene
– Resistant to mold, mildew, rot, road salts, oils and other chemicals
– UV resistant
– Black with orange tracer

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Product Description

C.T.R. is a 3 strand twisted rope manufactured from polypropylene yarns. Combines high strength with light weight construction. Our C.T.R. is manufactured to meet the California Highway Patrol Standards for tie down hauling applications. It is rot and mildew resistant, as well as UV resistant. Our CTR is black with an orange tracer.

3/8” x 25’ Mini Coil
3/8” x 40’ Mini Coil
3/8” x 50’ Mini Coil
3/8” x 100’
3/8” x 1200
7/16” x 1200’
½” x 50’ Mini Coil
½” x 100’
½” x 600’
½” x 1200’
¾” x 600’
5/8” x 600’
1” x 600’

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