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End Caps

– Premium cap to seal off In-Line wrapped bales
– Superior seal, pin hole free
– Provides excellent barrier properties

Filament Strapping

– Filament-reinforced film with synthetic rubber adhesive
– Superior tensile strength
– Aggressive adhesion; excellent tack, quick stick and holding power
– Allows graphics and printing to be seen through tape

Flagpole Rope

– Braided nylon with or without wire center
– UV resistant
– Used for commercial flagpoles

Flat Rope

– Soft woven tie strap
– Used in landscaping for staking trees
– Stronger and softer than traditional tie down products
– Excellent product for heavy duty baling applications
– Compliments sisal twine in the nursery trade
– Available in white, green, tan, black and camouflage

Available in 5/8″ Diameter; 25# spool
Other sizes and put ups avialable upon request

Flatback Brown Paper

– Aggressive, high tack rubber adhesive with excellent holding power
– Strong, flexible, and conformable backing as well as high cross-directional tensile strength
– High visibility
– Resistant to curling, abrasion, and water
– Great for hand and machine carton sealing, splicing various substrates, and general purpose packaging and binding applications


– Acrylic and rubber adhesive available
– Vapor proof, chemical and flame resistant, heat and light reflectance and extreme weather-ability
– Thermal conductivity
– Exceptional quick-stick
– Conforms well to fibrous and sheet metal ducts
– Conforms well around corners and irregular surfaces
– Good in HVAC applications


– Heavy duty cloth with compounded pure rubber based adhesive
– Good abrasion resistant and penetration of low voltage cable, splices and wire
– Good elasticity and moisture resistant
– Suitable for temporary binding and harnessing applications


– Reinforced foil, scrim/kraft sealing tape
– Insulation; used for sealing seams and repairing cuts on duct wraps and insulation vapor barriers
– Tear and mold resistant
– Sealing fiberglass blanket and duct board FSK faced systems
– Maximum strength, all weather adhesive


– Matte finish coated cloth with synthetic rubber adhesive
– Strong, tough cotton cloth pressure sensitive adhesive
– Clean removal
– Clean, crisp and straight tear
– Abrasion and moisture resistant
– Great for application in stage work and the production industry
– Available in black, grey and white


– Photoluminescent film coated pressure sensitive adhesive
– Backed with a paper lining for easy application
– Pigments absorb and store energy from normal ambient light

Grain Bags

– Tear and puncture resistance
– Cost efficient way to store grain
– High tensile strength
– UV protected and weather ability

Greenhouse Patch

– Transparent polyethylene patch, seal and repair tape
– Strong and conformable with good holding power
– Provides a good moisture barrier
– UV stabilized with high tack adhesive
– Resistant to weathering, moisture, acids, chemicals and abrasion
– Ideal for splicing greenhouse polyethylene film


– Water activated carton sealing tape
– Brown paper backed adhesive
– Tamper evident seal
– Strong and temperature resistant
– Available in reinforced gummed tape with nylon filaments for extra strength

Hay Baling Wire

– Uniform for trouble free baling
– High strength but pliable
– Consistently outperforms competition
– Made in USA

14 ½ gauge – 6500’ per Carton

Hay Tarps

– Superior heavy duty tarp
– Brass eyelet every 3’
– Extra ultra violet protection
– 4-Layer 12”x12” gussets at each corner with 2 spur eyelets

Hollow Braid Polypro

– Floats and can be stored wet
– Economical
– Resists mildew, rot and most chemicals
– Splices easily

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