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Carton Sealing

– Available in both hot melt rubber and acrylic adhesive
– Long shelf life and reliable performance in hot or cold weather conditions
– Designed for extremely demanding packaging requirements
– economy, hand grade to heavy duty, automated machine grade

Composite Pull Rope

– Double braid hi-tensile inner core with extra double braid outer jacket for added strength
– Low stretch
– Spliced eyes at both ends
– Rot and mildew resistant

Conduit Pull Twine

– Continuous monofilament polypropylene fibers
– Light weight, economical, high resistant to chemicals
– Spiral wrapped to prevent fraying

Contractor’s Grade Blue Masking

– Contractors Blue Masking Tape, aslo known as Painters' Tape is used for easy application and clean removal
– UV resistant
– Great for professional painting projects
– Good on glass, vinyl, wood, cement, plaster, aluminum and metal

Contractor’s Sheathing

– Polypropylene sheathing tape coated with an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
– Excellent vapor seal on interior and exterior sheathing materials
– Exceeds most building code requirements and can be used for new construction as well as repair on all vapor barrier materials
– Comes in red for easy visibility or white

Cotton / Polyester Tying Twine

– High handling quality, all purpose tying twine
– Natural, soft and pliable
– Superior tensile strength; ideal for tying machines
– Available in 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or cotton-poly blend
– Applications such as laundry and linen services, mailers, printers, cable construction and also general butcher needs.
– Available in variety of plies and strengths

Cotton Awning Cord

– Soft and easy to handle
– Great knot holding ability
– Low stretch
– Strong and versatile

Cotton Cable Cord

Tytan Cable Cord is a 3 strand twisted construction (cable lay) made up of a blend of natural cotton and premium polyester yarn. The cabled construction provides a firm construction making it ideal for a variety of applications including fishing, staging, chalk and mason lines. The cotton cable cord comes on 1/2 lb and 1 lb balls, and 2 1/2 or 5 lb cones. The cable cord can also be supplied to meet the Mil Spec TT881.

Cotton Rope

– Natural fiber, biodegradable eco friendly
– High handling quality
– Soft and pliable

Derby Rope

– Soft, Flexible and Lightweight
– Available in variety of bright colors
– Preferred by the Equestrian market
– Resists rot and mildew

Die Cut

– Cut to size and shape
– Good for mounting , sealing, gasketing, masking and fastening
– Used for precision and high volume jobs

Double Braid Polyester

– Excellent strength and low working elongation
– High heat and abrasion resistant
– Torque free construction
– Ideal Pull and Winch Lines

Double Coated

– Double-sided pressure-sensitive tape
– Variety of carriers available: cloth, paper, foam and multiple films
– Superior holding power and clean removal on a variety of surfaces
– General mounting and holding purposes
– Carpet hold-down for convention and entertainment industry

Double Coated Foam

– High density cross linked polyethylene double coated foam tape
– Consistent quick stick and high shear
– Excellent conformability and compressibility
– Adheres well to textured and irregular surfaces
– Good resistance to humidity, mild acids, oil and grease
– Great for mounting, sealing and weather-stripping and also sound proofing in business machines, industrial equipment and copy machines


– Polyethylene coated cloth with a natural rubber adhesive
– Handles easily, tears straight
– Conforms and adheres well to variety of substrates
– Noted for water, chemical and abrasion resistance as well as its strength
– Retail grade to nuclear power grade
– Available in several mill thickness as well as colors: silver, black, burgundy, green, olive drab, tan, white, yellow, red and light green


– PVC back with rubber adhesive
– Cold temperature resistance
– Non transfer adhesive
– Effective and long lasting insulation
– Elongation
– Non-corrosive, pressure sensitive adhesive eliminates the potential of heat, moisture, or other catalysts to affect application
– Available in several mil thickness as well as colors

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