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Rubber Bands

– PLU Produce Bands
– Custom Industrial
– FDA approved agriculture bands
– Pallet bands
– Mover bands
– Stationery bands
– Lobster bands
– Newspaper bands
– Ceramic mold bands
– Printed bands
– Meat processor bands
– Retail package bands
– Latex Free Rubber bands
– Food Grade bands

100% Cotton Weeping Cord

– Solid braid construction
– Excellent absorption
– Superior quality
– Made in USA


– Vinyl backing filled with a gritty mineral abrasive
– Easy installation
– Excellent abrasion resistance
– Durable surface for long time use
– Unaffected by environmental conditions
– Designed for indoor and outdoor use where a non-skid surface is needed

Arborist Rope

– Hi performance climbing rope
– Torque free construction available in 12 strand or double braid
– Durable with good abrasion resistance
– Smooth cover insuring less snags


– All service Jacket
– White kraft paper/scrim/foil coated with cold weather solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
– Excels in high heat and humid conditions
– Tri-directionally reinforced 4×4 squares per inch fiberglass scrim, UL listed lamination
– Specifically designed for use as a vapor seal on ASJ faced duct board and pipe insulation

Barricade / Caution

– Lightweight, non adhesive polyethylene film
– Durable material and excellent elongation
– Intensely colored and sometimes printed with continuous message
– For warning or preventing risk or hazard by increasing visibility
– Used in industrial applications, indoor or outdoor use
– Economical and reusable
– Also available in detectable film

Battle Rope

– High tenacity synthetic fiber
– Premium synthetic jacket makes for increased durability
– Soft on hands
– Ends are heat shrunk with tubing to prevent unraveling
– Solid black with white tracer hides dirt

Big and Round Twine

– Tape Twines
– Monofilament Twines
– Variety of Colors
– UV Stabilized

Binder Twine

– Versatile strong sisal twine
– Uniform and consistent
– Resistant to insects and rodents
– Available oiled or un-oiled

Black Diamond EPDM Tarp Strap

– Premier EPDM tarp strap
– Black Diamond is the Gold standard product in the market
– Superior performance up to 2.4X better than other EPDM straps
– Excellent UV resistance
– Offers more consistent stretch (elongation) performance
– Superior Compound has lower usage of fillers
– Individual barcode and retail ready packing
– Heavy duty steel crimped hooks

Braided Tyline

– Unique braid available in multiple fibers
– Excellent small diameter utility cord
– Natural and Black standard, other colors available
– Ideal for sports nets and trick line

Buckles & Seals

– For sealing poly, steel and polyester cord banding and strapping
– Tensioned by hand or by tool
– Steel and plastic available

Budding Strips

– Premier natural rubber
– Excellent stretch
– Growers choice for grafting
– Roses
– Young Trees
– Stone Fruits

Cable Ties

– High quality nylon
– Easy insertion
– High tensile strength
– Angled tails and low profile ties w/ grooved flexible heads
– Available in multiple sizes and colors

California Truck Rope

– Specific to meet requirements of California Highway Patrol Standards for tie down hauling use
– 3 strand twisted polypropylene
– Resistant to mold, mildew, rot, road salts, oils and other chemicals
– UV resistant
– Black with orange tracer


– polyester or cloth film double coated with synthetic rubber resin adhesive
– Good adhesion
– Moisture resistant
– Durable and economical
– Good for keeping carpet and rugs in place; also binding up raw edges or joining sections

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